Touring Designer Genna Margolis’ Dreamy LA Abode

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We sat down with Shapeside founder and interior designer, Genna Margolis to get the scoop on the inspirations behind her stunning work. Get to know Genna, and take a peek inside her airy LA home!



What is your everyday uniform?

Usually Levi’s or wide-leg pants and a white tee.

What three words best describe your brand?
Minimal, clean, and collected.

How do you stay creative from season to season?
I think I stay creative season to season by constantly educating myself with new home decor and furniture lines — that I put aside to incorporate into my next project — which usually shape and change the direction of my style.


What’s the best advice you ever received?

People are pessimistic. Don’t let it get to you — keep moving forward.



How has your business grown over the past year, and where do you see it growing in the future?

My business has grown significantly in the past year. I moved from New York to LA exactly two years ago and started on my own at that time. The first year or so it was a lot of building my image and brand and only having a few clients here and there.  Now I am much busier and am becoming more recognized for my style and design.

What is your favorite thing about your home?

The exposed beams in the living room.

What is your favorite home accessory/furniture piece?

The layering of the rugs in my living room. I purposely did a neutral Kilim rug with brown stripes to reflect the beams on the ceiling.

Tell us about your first apartment.

My first apartment was in New York City on the upper west side. It was actually my best friend from college Erin’s apartment that she grew up in. The living room was very large so we put up a temporary wall to make an additional bedroom for me. It was a classic uptown apartment. We had a lot of memories in there and actually it was living there that I had met my now husband Jon (through Erin’s then boyfriend, now husband Abe). We hung out a lot as a foursome!

When it comes to decorating, what is most important — style or functionality? Functionality! I love when things are pretty, but if they can’t function I don’t see the point.




How would you describe your interiors style?

I would describe it has modern and minimal, but comfortable.

What is your favorite room or corner in the house and why?

[My] favorite room is my living room, simply because it’s where we spend the most time and always have the most fun hosting others.

What interior design concepts are you really inspired by right now?  

Right now I am really into hanging textiles on walls versus using traditional framed pieces. I like the raw organic feeling it brings to the room.

Are there any trends  you are over?

Fiddle leaf fig trees!