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Hutch founder Bea Fischel-Bock was excited to sit down with fashion photographer and filmmaker Yoni Goldberg to discuss creativity, inspiration, and his gorgeous Mid-Century Modern style abode in Joshua Tree, known as The Graham Residence. Evoking 1960’s Palm Springs vibes, the living room — drawing from the California desert valleys that surround it — is the perfect centerpiece for the home. Soothing color schemes, Eames-inspired furniture, and an overall sense of aesthetic balance combine to create a look worthy of emulation. Click through to get the look, and read more about Yoni’s design inspiration below.

Bea: How did you get your start in photography?

Yoni: I was attending NYU and in the pre-med program. I needed an internship to get some additional credits and round out my med-school application, so I got an internship at Cosmopolitan Magazine in the photo department. We were producing shoots and then receiving the contact sheets (they were shooting on film back then), and it was so inspiring to me! From there I started shooting on my own and fell in love with the craft.

B: How do you stay creative from season to season?

Y: Definitely the hardest thing to do. I try to diversify what I’m doing in my life outside of photography so that I can apply creativity to different aspects of my life. Right now, both Lindsey and I are inspired by home decor and design, and our creativity is being funneled into perfecting The Graham Residence for vacation rentals.

B: Best advice you ever received?

Y: No time like the present.

B: How have you nurtured the growth of your business over the years?

Y: I learned from my early days assisting that true success in this industry comes from loyalty and repeat business. I make it my first priority to stay available for existing clients and deliver more than they are looking for. Once you have a strong base, growth is inevitable.

B: How did The Graham Residence come about?

Y: We never really set out to buy a house. Lindsey and I had our first date in Joshua tree — we ran around the park all day and stayed at the Ace in Palm Springs and had the best day ever. A few months later, we were out there again driving around and thought it might be fun to see what land was listed for sale. While visiting one of the plots, we saw a sign to call “Pioneertown Properties.” We figured we’d call just to hear what they had to say… One thing led to another and a few months later we ended up buying The Graham Residence!

B: What is your favorite thing about your home?

Y: Its location. When we were debating the purchase, a lot of people told us it was in the middle of nowhere, but we don’t feel that way at all. It’s exactly where we want it to be. We feel so at ease on the property and love that it was built with limited impact to the existing surroundings. And the stars out there… !!

B: What’s your favorite home accessory/furniture piece?

Y: The credenza with the lamp and mirror above it really makes me feel nostalgic for the past… I love it.

B: When it comes to decorating, what is most important: style or functionality?

Y: When it comes to our primary residence in LA, we would say functionality. [But our] vacation home allows us to decorate in a way that doesn’t necessarily need to provide ultimate functionality. So we get to choose form over function at times, which is fun.

B: How would you describe your interior design style?

Y: Currently modern, but we hope to reinvent ourselves for the next one!

B: What is your favorite room or corner in the house and why?


Y: The stargazing deck. It backs up right against the boulders and is hidden from the front of the house. It provides total privacy and an incredible view of the night sky when you’re laying on the ipe lounge.

B: What interior design concepts are you really inspired by right now?

Y: We’re really inspired by modern Japanese architecture.

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