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Natalie Obradovich, a New York and LA-based travel photographer, is inspired by interior design, international trips, and a love for all things oceanic. Reflective in her living room style, you can see hints of her Manhattan Beach, CA upbringing and treasures from her travels abroad in every corner. With stints at Kelly Wearstler, Thad Hayes and Neal Beckstedt, Obradovich certainly has an eye for aesthetics. Below, tips on how to get her Cali-cool look.

What’s your everyday uniform?
In the summer, cut off Levi’s and a Realisation Par top with slides. In the winter, a chunky sweater and jeans, with a pair of boots or loafers.

How has your business grown over the years, and where do you see it growing in the future?
I started out as an interior designer only. As the digital landscape changed, I turned my passion for photography into a business while using social platforms like Instagram to get my name out there. I still work as an interior designer, but other outlets have helped me to broaden my point of view in all realms of design and art.

What’s your favorite home accessory or furniture piece?
I love my chairs from Croft House. They are so cozy and also add a somewhat architectural element to the space. I think it’s important for your home to say a bit about who you are. A lot of my art and accessories have come from my travel over the years. They remind me of all the special places I’ve been. I have a bust that I purchased in Capri this summer that I’m currently obsessing over. I also love my etagere! I have had it for about 10 years, and I almost sold it when I moved into this place. I had come to the decision that I hated it, but after reworking how I accessorize it, it has become my favorite corner in my home.


Tell us about your first apartment.
I think I’ve redecorated every 2-3 years since I moved out of my parents home. My mother is a decorator, so I’ve always had an opinion on furniture and how I want a room to look. I repainted my first apartment in New York myself, realizing after that it was only a slightly different white than the original. I hunted on Craigslist to find vintage pieces because I couldn’t afford anything on 1st Dibs.

When it comes to decorating, what’s more important— style or functionality?
A combination of both is important. I don’t like to walk into a home and feel afraid to sit down (although people often tell me [they feel] this in mine because everything is white!). Especially in small spaces, functionality is very important— but you can still have great design that’s functional.

How would you describe your interiors style?
I would describe my style as comfortable modern, with a play on modern and traditional concepts.

What interior design concepts are you really inspired by right now? Is there anything you are over?
I’m not big on color– haha! Although my photography is generally very colorful, my aesthetic in decorating is quite the opposite. I love 1940’s French furniture, and I think it’s always important to include vintage pieces that create layers and textures in the home. I’m not big on geometric patterns and find the mid-century modern trend to be overdone.



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