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We’ve long been fans of Patrick Janelle and Amy Buchanan, cultural curators and co-founders of Spring St. Social Society, a members-only club for bi-coastal bohemians, inspired by art, theatre, music, and food. The dynamic duo recently launched STAY, a brick and mortar, airy retail space with beautiful goods and furniture by the friends and makers in their lives–– brands like fashion editor favorite Putnam & Putnam, and irreverent wallpaper company Flat Vernacular. Hutch CEO Bea Fischel-Bock sat down with Patrick and Amy for interior design tips, an intimate look at what keeps their creativity flowing, and some solid life advice.


Bea: How do you stay creative from season to season?

Patrick: I love breaking routine. I feel like I’m inspired by changing it up— whether that’s taking a different route to walk home or visiting someplace new. Change inspires me.


B: What’s the best advice you ever received?

P: Do something every day that scares you.


B: How has your business grown over the years, and where do you see it growing in the future?

P: Ive been fortunate that a lot of people are interested in what I have to say, and many of those people have sought out the experiences my partner, Amy, creates through Spring Street Social Society. We just hope that we can continue to create and that people will pay attention when we come up with something new!


B: What is your favorite thing about your home?

P: Two things: it’s in Soho, and I’ve made it exactly the place I want it to be.


B: What’s your favorite home accessory or piece of furniture?

P: Two things: A long, built-in shelf that doubles as a desk, custom made by Brooklyn’s Mighty Mallet. I also have a huge marble and brass bar, custom made for my tiny apartment by Kent Steel Co.


B: Tell us about your first apartment.

P: My first apartment was in Koreatown, Los Angeles. The building wasnt in perfect shape, but it was a classic 1920’s Hollywood tower, and I loved the wooden floors, crown moldings, and built-ins. It was a tiny one bedroom— that I had to share with a roommate!


B: What items are essential in your home when transitioning from summer to fall?

P: I have candles and incense that I love to burn, but the fragrances I choose vary by season. In fall, I love my Cinnamon Projects incense, which I burn in my solid brass Circa.


B: What decor or furniture items are your favorite at the moment?

P: I’ve been buying a lot of bowls lately. I’m especially hooked on chunky ceramics and brass.


B: What’s your #1 interiors style tip?

P: Hang up your artwork within a week of moving in. We all know it will never happen if you don’t.


BEA and AMY:


Bea: What’s your everyday uniform?

Amy: Something relatively flowy, neutral in color, and comfortable, that I can move around in. No two days are alike, so I need to be able to run to a meeting, hop on my bicycle, visit a potential venue, or have a lovely drink in whatever I have on, knowing that the course of the day could change at any moment.


B: How do you stay creative from season to season?

A: I think to stay creative you simply have to be creative, making new things as often as possible and collaborating with people who push you beyond what you already know.


B: What’s the best advice you ever received?

A: You have to move forward from where you are. From my dad.


B: How has your business grown over the years, and where do you see it growing in the future?

A: It has grown organically, sometimes even without us realizing. Patrick and I are constantly presented with new opportunities, often things we’ve never done before, and we almost always say yes. We continue to grow because we keep saying yes. I honestly can’t say what the future holds, but if our pattern continues, it’s sure to be exciting.


B: What is your favorite thing about your home?

A: A huge, beautiful shelving and desk unit that covers all of the walls in my living room. Our friend Dwight Cassin, otherwise known as Mighty Mallet, built it custom for my funny-shaped studio apartment–– which has so many different-sized walls and angles! It makes having a ton of books a “style choice” rather than a logistical pain in the ass. (Books are hard to store without great shelves!)


B: What’s your favorite home accessory/furniture piece?

A: I have this end table that I got when the scenic shop in college was clearing out its storage. I’ve carried it with me between eight different apartments now. It has served a different purpose in each apartment, but seems to fit perfectly no matter where I live. Right now it is hiding a hideous wireless router while also serving as my “witch altar,” which means it’s covered in crystals, candles, salt, tarot cards, bay leaves, and sage, along with a little bell that I ring to start my day.


B: Tell us about your first apartment.

A: The first apartment that I personally chose (and also loved) was the first floor of an old house right off the main drag in Lawrence, Kansas (I went to school at KU). I moved in with a friend, and we had only a few requirements: big windows, gas stove (hard to find in the midwest–– it’s all electric), and wood floors. This place hit all those requirements and so much more. The house was a perfect shade of midwestern sky blue. There was a massive front porch with a swing on it, well suited for sneaking late night cigarettes and long conversations. My bedroom had a small alcove surrounded by windows, where I put a rocking chair. I would sit and knit or read, and the sun would hit my hair just right so that my head got warm. The backyard was built for barbecues and beer pong (I was definitely THAT girl in college), and the kitchen was big enough to hold all of the guests at a party, because everyone eventually ended up there anyway. I really loved it. It “felt like me,” and set the bar as I began my hunt for the perfect place to live as an adult.


B: What items are essential in your home when transitioning from summer to fall?

A: Admittedly, not a lot changes in my home from summer to fall. I would say that the scent of it changes, because I cook different things in different seasons. But the general look and feel of it is always cozy, regardless of the time of year.


B: What decor and furniture items are your favorite at the moment?

A: My favorite items in my home are the little things that make me smile: a ceramic elephant wine decanter, a wooden whale that Patrick found for me at a little shop in Colorado, a sketch of a girl in the middle of taking her shirt off, an old brass lamp that casts the perfect amount of light.


B: Tell us your #1 interiors style tip.

A: Make a home that you want to live in. It wasn’t until I lived by myself and had complete control of my own space that I realized that I actually like spending time at home. Now that I have a space that looks and feels like me, that I feel comfortable in, it takes a lot to make me actually want to leave. It is a place to recharge and relax, and when I entertain, my guests can feel my energy extended through the space. It’s a great feeling.


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