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Before plaid saw its day in the spotlight, all we had was a plain-woven fabric known as Gingham. The beauty of this fabric, texture, and design, is in its simplicity and quality. Gingham was imported into Europe in the 17th century, and back in those days, was striped. Nowadays, gingham pattern is distinguished by its beautiful checkered pattern. This pattern is getting us back to the basics with today’s style, Gingham Girl.

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Gingham Girl will bring a fresh perspective to any space with its checkered pattern complemented by a neutral aesthetic. So as to not overpower the space with a look that is so patterned, I limited the gingham style checkered look predominately to the accent pieces around the room. Throw pillows, floor length curtains, and an area rug all in gingham patterned chocolate and white style bring the space a tough of sophistication. I’ve thrown in plenty of bright green plants for a pop of color and soft white flowers to add the splash of femininity the room needs.
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