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Danish style came into its popularity in the 1920s, and emulates principals of the Bauhaus design: a minimalist style with clean lines, toned down color palettes, and monochromatic accents. After developing an obsession with this style of interior design, I thought it might be a promising venture to attempt coupling Danish with Bohemian as both styles emulate a laid back, monochromatic, clean line look. 

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Courtesy of www.hgtvhome.com (top left), www.pinterest.com (top right), www.decoist.com (bottom left), and www.designsponge.com (bottom right)

As a foundation, I went for a toned down color palette utilizing whites, beiges, and grays. From there, I took from the Danish style of design’s usage of clean lines to fill the space with some geometric furniture; like the gorgeous slate gray, pyramid shaped side table. I’ve also opted for white linen ceiling to floor curtains: a staple in the Danish design aesthetic. Now to add the Bohemian look, green plant accent pieces are peppered around the space to add a pop of color and that outdoorsy vibe. Striped rugs and patterned wall decor pay homage to the Moroccan style often embellishing the Bohemian spaces. 

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Courtesy of www.decoist.com (top left), www.pinterest.com (top right and bottom right), and www.wsj.net (bottom left)



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