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Ah, minimalism. I’ve seen this trend embraced in several different ways: color palettes, furniture styles, donations, storage, etc. Most recently, however, I’ve given a lot of thought on how to embellish a space with the bare minimum, as well as how to have the outdoors be an accessory to a space all on its own. Today’s filter, Open Air incorporates new ways to bring the outdoors in with minimal furniture, maximum views of the outdoors, and plenty of artwork to create nature in the city.

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This look is so open and light, even the shadows have room to breathe and take up space in the room. Leaving room around big windows provides an “outdoors inside” feel and creates a decluttered feel that allows the few pieces within the room to be showcased. Soft grays, whites, and beiges, alongside the occasional pop of mustard yellow (my favorite accent color), create a color palette that is simplistic without being too starkly white. Artwork adorning the walls are all depictions of my favorite outdoor things: sunsets, mountains, trees, and snow. I’ve also made a point of furnishing with pieces that spark those outdoorsy vibes: sandy woods, crates repurposed as end tables, and—one of my favorites—this chest of drawers which closely resembles a stack of firewood.
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