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I can’t get enough of the amazing California coast and all the beauty it exudes. From the sandy beaches, to the blue skies, to the swaying palm trees, this coast is definitely an aesthetic all on its own. Today’s filter is an exploration of this magnificent place I get to call home. 

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Most of the furniture pieces in this look are sandy, reclaimed wood which are reminiscent of driftwood or sand on a beach. I’ve peppered in plenty of bright green foliage to act as a statement color of sorts and to further emphasize that summery, west coast vibe we all love. From there, I’ve opted for a toned down color palette so as to not overwhelm the space and remain true to that toned-down, laid back vibe. My favorite element under this black and white umbrella (no pun intended), is the beachy art work on the wall. Photos of sunsets, palm trees, seagulls leave the room’s theme to no stretch of the imagination. From there, rugs, throw pillows, and a cubic ottoman all are displaying toned down geometric patterns that add a splash of patterns and leading lines that create a fun layer to the space.

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