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As many of you know, Los Angeles is a main spot for outdoor movie watching events during the summer—it is essentially a modern day drive in movie theater. Recently, there was a screening of The Graduate, a classic film, on a Hollywood rooftop. I thought about the attendees watching the film in an outdoor space that overlooked the city while listening to the sounds through personal high tech headphones—something the original viewers of the film (it came out in 1967). It led me to reflect on how this vintage film fit so well in such a modern environment. Today’s filter, Vintage Meets Modern, is a prime example of how the old and the new combined can end up being something much more beautiful than each style standing alone.

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Combining both the worlds of vintage and modern can make your home feel chic. The trick to making this look work is to have select pieces that work as vintage pieces. Some examples are a vintage mirror, rug or bed frame and mixing these with modern pieces. I would suggest adding in a stark-white dresser or a sophisticated modern couch. The color palette for this filter is soft and romantic featuring colors like beige, light pink, and gold to give an authentic vintage feeling. The furniture lines should try to be clean cut to give a more modern feel. I’m a huge fan of vintage, but adding in a modern flare allows a home to be more versatile—like wearing a vintage Chanel jacket with a great pair of  brand new jeans.

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