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The minimalist trend is taking the world by storm with masses of people cleaning out their closet, donating possessions to a thrift store, and draping their space in bright whites in every corner. Hide Hangout brings a fresh perspective on the minimalist trend by blending it with a bohemian bungalow look that I absolutely adore. 

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Courtesy of www.lonny.com (top left), www.pinterest.com (top right), www.mylusciouslife.com (bottom left), and www.smalldesignideas.com (bottom right)

The base of this look is essential minimalism: plenty of whites, neutral furniture, and very few wall adornments or embellishments. Soft grays, sandy beiges, eggshell whites, and some black peppered around the room help the look take on a more relaxed, bohemian style characteristic of the ultimate at-home hangout.  The coffee color, deep leather chairs add a masculine tone to the room that balances the femininity exuded from the softer elements of the color palette. The eggshell draped curtains and reclaimed wood furniture pieces further articulate the relaxed “hideaway” theme in the space.

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www.pinterest.com (top left), www.instagram.com (top right), www.home-designing.com (bottom left), www.crepehouse.com (bottom right)



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