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One of my favorite challenges to present myself with is mixing two seemingly different styles to create a uniquely new blend of aesthetics (for example: Gothic Floral). There’s something very enticing to me about blending two interior design ideas that may or may not work together, and seeing how they complement and clash within a space—often times, something incredible surfaces. For Urban Glam, today’s filter, I wanted to find a way to take my love of all things glamorous and tone down the femininity and softness of the space to welcome in my edgy side. 

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Courtesy of www.architecturaldigest.com (top left), www.rinnovu.com (top right), www.blogspot.com (bottom left), and www.decoist.com (bottom right)

I’ve included plenty of metallics and furs to give a luxurious vibe that is characteristic of all things glam. Gold chairs, silver frames, animal print rugs, and plush fur throws create a sense of indulgence in the space that I love. I’ve also thrown in some marble slab furniture and velvet arm chairs to even further embellish that glam vibe. To both counter and complement all of the modernistic glamour pieces dominating the space’s aesthetic, I’ve thrown in elements that fall on the urban side of the decor spectrum. I’ve toned down the metallics and furs with a darker, neutral color palette. White bedding and a charcoal couch both gives the more glamorous elements room to breathe and also offsets them with a more toned down backdrop.



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