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Acne Studios is a shop catering to men and women’s accessories, clothing, denim, and much more. The store’s aesthetic is soft and different; with largely gray furnishings and a pink terrazzo floor, which adds a pop of color and a unique, modern spice to the place. The design aesthetic of both the shop and the cafe expertly juxtaposes the building’s industrial feel with a modern touch. 

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Silver and gray are the base of this look much like Acne Studios, which seems to have brought the pavement from Broadway inside. From this sleek foundation, there is room upon which to build your soft pink accents, which are reminiscent of that terrazzo flooring I couldn’t stop staring at. I love this look for both its sleek modernity and simplicity, giving room for a stronger accent color like pink to really breathe and embellish the room with sophistication. Feel free to throw in as much gray or pink as you like while you sip your Il Caffè cappuccino.

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