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Carrie Bradshaw is an outgoing New York based writer housed in a beautiful brownstone on the Upper East Side who has some things together and others in complete disarray. Carrie’s apartment is a beautiful disarray, which one could expect from a scatterbrained writer. Having seen plenty of meticulous apartments with all matching pieces and a strict color aesthetic, it is refreshing to look at a space that is more relaxed and still please to the eye. There is a realness to her space that takes us away from the interior design books and into the world of a hard working woman with an abundance of quirks.

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Inspired by Carrie’s creative clutter within a beautiful space, I bring you The Carrie. This look steps away from the ordinary, mixing and matching colors you wouldn’t think of putting in the same apartment let alone the same room. Somehow though, you, me and Carrie can pull this aesthetic off and make it work. Embellished with frames of different shapes and sizes, different but telling the same story, this look invites in anything funky. The pieces are supposed to appear as though the inhabitant chose them personally and carefully without any outside help. So, things may not match with each other, but they match with the person who chose them and help to express the different sides of that person’s personality.

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