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Summer in Los Angeles is one of my favorite time of the year. And yes, the weather can be hot but there are also those Summer LA nights that are cool enough for a great leather jacket over a white t-shirt and a pair of jeans. A simple leather jacket can make an outfit! And I got to thinking about how leather can make an apartment as well. So the combination of an cold LA summer night paired with a great leather jacket is the inspiration for our newest filter: Summer Leather.

For this filter the color tones should be very neutral. A lot of cremes, tans, and light grey. One of my favorite pieces is the butterfly leather chair. A leather couch is also a great piece for this space. I would suggest something that is lighter in tone–a soft tan leather. Neutral cashmere throws are a must for this space. Light and gray woods are my picks. The light wood coffee table with metal legs is a great choice. My absolute favorite furniture piece is the wooden bed-frame with the leather pillows attached. This piece is so unique and fits perfectly in this filter. So go ahead, get a great leather jacket for summer and some great leather furniture!



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