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The red rocks of Arizona are some of the most breathtaking landscape in the United States. Our newest filter, Sedona, is inspired by these incredible sandstone formations, which are the main attraction for visitors and locals alike. The rocks appear to glow orange and red when illuminated by the rising or setting sun, an effect that makes for a great photo op.

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These oranges and reds influenced the design choices for the Sedona filter; it is also rooted in rich earth tones, such as Turquoise, which is Arizona’s state gem. Turquoise can be found mixed into any and every Arizona home, as well as authentic Native American furniture and prints. A tribal print rug underneath a light brown (somewhat orange) leather couch is a to-die-for combination. What’s great about a Sedona styled home is that you can add different patterns and textures to keep the style fresh. By adding touches of earth tones and mixing and matching patterns, you can give your home a Western chic look.

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The red rocks are breathtaking, and now your home can be as well.



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