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Portugal is a wonderful country with a culture that combines the old and the new. Should you find yourself fortunate to visit, walking through the Baixa Pombalina district of Lisbon is a must. There are so many cute coffee shops and restaurants—it is the perfect place to walk around and take in the surrounding architecture. The Praca da Comercio was a major source of inspiration for me with our newest filter. I love the bright yellow on the building and wanted to incorporate this color into our newest filter.

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Did you know that Portugal is the second largest exporter of marble in the world? Naturally, the marble and tile design in Portugal is breathtaking. In this filter, you will see a lot of prints inspired by the incredible tiles of the city. Add in a vintage rug with some more modern curtains with a cool print. And don’t be afraid to mix and match prints! If you can’t make it out to Portugal anytime soon, hopefully, our new filter can give you some new design inspiration!

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