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Puglia, the remote heel of Italy’s boot, is a picturesque vacation spot with Baroque architecture and sandy beaches. I have yet to travel to Puglia, but it is definitely high up on my bucket list. One of our co-founders, Madeline, took a trip to Puglia, and her stories made my travel envy soar! I was inspired by her pictures and descriptions, which led to the development of our newest filter.

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Courtesy of www.thethinkingtraveller.com

Puglia is known for its trulli houses, which is a dry stone hut with a conical roof that creates an unbelievable interior space. Each trulli is a separate room, which means you have to walk outside to get from your bedroom to the kitchen. This way of living forces you to connect with the environment, as you are frequently outside. For the design of this filter, I really wanted to embody the white stone of a trulli house. I also added in green plants and cacti as I wanted to bring the outside aspect of the trulli houses into this space. It is likely pretty difficult to create a home where your kitchen and bedroom are separated by the outdoors, so I figured we could bring some of these aspects to the indoors.

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Courtesy of www.thethinkingtraveller.com



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