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You know that “California Cool” look that is effortless and oh-so-chic? If you want it for yourself, look no further than the incredible designer Heidi Merrick, a Los Angeles based designer with a collection that is inspired by the Pacific Ocean. Our newest filter is inspired by her store in Los Angeles; with the design matching the aesthetic of her clothing. The look for this filter is very laid-back and minimalist—we’re keeping it simple with great pieces that enhance the space.

Courtesy of Scott Leon

I had the privilege of gaining some more insight from Heidi, and here are some things that stood out to me:

How would you describe the brand / Heidi Merrick aesthetic? 

I  am from Santa Barbara, so I know the California style, and I have kept with a clean California look: fairly earthy but elegant.

How is your space designed? What is your ideal style in interiors?

I kind of just sketched it out on a piece of paper the way I do my collection, and then my friend and I just built it. I didn’t get any magazines, I just went through my archives of photos that I love, and I based it off of that. I picked the frame and layout of the photographs. I wanted the horizontal levels of the frames to line up. I wanted you to feel like you were right by the ocean. In Downtown Los Angeles, you’re not really getting the feel of what California looks like, so I wanted to bring in the beach.

I took inspiration from my studio, and I wanted it to reflect the landscape of California. I wanted to incorporate the rock and show the beauty of the landscape. I think I got that with the surfboards.

Who is the perfect customer for you?

I would like to design for a woman who is super comfortable being in a bathing suit on the beach chasing a child around, but who can also put on a black tie event dress. A girl who surfs and gets dressed up to attend special events.


Courtesy of Scott Leon



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