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The Ace Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles opened in 2014 and is housed in the historic United Artists building, which is an architectural gem from the late 1920s. While keeping its historic charm, the renovation of this building has put another architecturally fascinating location on the map in the area. Though outward appearances give the hotel a somewhat older feel, the interior manages to bridge the gap between the building’s origin and the much more recent renovation. This melding of two timelines and impeccable aesthetic inspired me to create Hutch’s newest filter as an homage to this incredible building.

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I created a collection of pieces that mirror the hotel’s combining of two worlds: modern and old. The color scheme leans on the modern side with a combination of minimalist black and white and lush reds for a touch of that luxury feel we all love. The furniture pieces have to be my favorite—I’m not sticking to one shade of wood, color scheme, or aesthetic. Like much of the history hidden in every corner of the Ace, I wanted each piece of this room to tell its own story. And, of course, for another sprinkle of luxury typical of that hotel stay feel, I’ve assured the room is peppered with gold accent pieces.

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