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If you’re looking for another one of those spaces that inspire you interior design fanatic, look no further than Please Do Not Enter. Despite the misnomer, this downtown LA located shop is incredibly inviting with its minimalist aesthetic in a meticulously embellished industrial space. Please Do Not Enter prides itself on creating a space that is “genuinely subjective…an ode to modern life, where pleasing the eye goes hand in hand with timeless quality and functionality,” (


Courtesy of Nicolas Libert


Their well articulated concept is very reflective of my design preferences: minimalist, open, industrial, quality over quantity. I was fortunate enough to have a conversation with one of the store’s owners, Nicolas Libert, to discuss his inspiration for the shop’s design. Originally reigning from Paris, Nicolas and co-owner Emmanuel Renoird were intrigued by Los Angeles’s increasingly diverse scene. Seeing Los Angeles as the melting pot that it is, they brought artwork and design aesthetics from around the world to the City of Angels.

Nicolas and Emmanuel made the space unique by not sticking to one aesthetic for the store: “You have art, design, fashion, accessories, and books in your home, and we figured we would reflect that in our store. We did not want to make the choice between a gallery and retail because we wanted both, which is very unusual. We decided to mix everything and came up with an array of items that make up our private collection and provide people with unusual and international artists that you wouldn’t find anywhere else in Los Angeles,” Nicolas explained. 


Courtesy of Scott Leon

Inspired by the meticulous embellishment of the minimalist aesthetic, I opted to offset the stark white and open space with bright reds and slate grays. I find this look expresses a “quality over quantity” mindset I found very present within the store, both in terms of their design and the pieces they were selling. Nicolas put it beautifully when trying to sum up his design aesthetic, “Through the collections that we have, artists that we pick, and people that we show, there is a wide gap, which we love, and there is something interesting about each and every thing, which is their common ground. We have very edgy people as well as classic people, and this range is exactly what life is.” 


Courtesy of Nicolas Libert



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