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Courtesy of Steven Strobel

Grand Central Market has been a downtown landmark since 1917. It has incredible food vendors as well as other goods for sale. The energy of the market is palpable, making it easy to spend hours here. A word of advice: come on a very empty stomach. Today’s filter, DTLA Industrial, is inspired by the tastes and experiences of this iconic place.

Courtesy of Bea

This style was designed to imitate the many layers of Grand Central Market. You can see the vibrant colors of the produce with a black backdrop echoed in every single part of this space. Pieces like the side tables and coffee tables have a geometric base, influenced by the different paths you can take while exploring Grand Central Market. The textures are also diverse, with a tufted sofa complemented by the velvet-esque arm chair in the living room and the elm bed matched with the leather arm chair in the bedroom. Things that don’t normally get paired have found their own place in this style, and it is done in a way that feels effortless; as if it was meant to be.


Courtesy of Steven Strobel



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