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I recently flew through my copy of Helen Thompson and Casey Dunn’s Marfa Modern: Artful Interiors of the High Desert Plains, the inspiration for today’s style and name. The aesthetic is an elevated take on the minimalist look peppered with burt oranges, lush woods, and plenty of drought-friendly foliage. This look is even more accentuated with tons of natural light flowing in, to make you feel more connected to your outdoor surroundings. 

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Courtesy of Alexandra Cabral

Another inspiration for Marfa was the office of a Venice, CA based production company, FARM LEAGUE. Their commitment to authenticity drew me to them, and I felt the interior was perfect for this style. This filter’s aesthetic and its color palette create a feel reminiscent of a warm desert night that manages to be calming in its isolation. The woods and leathers are smooth, while the linens are a bit more rough and firm, similar to that of the breeze and earth in this climate. Everything is strong and sturdy; capable of withstanding a blistering hot day and stormy night. 

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Courtesy of Alexandra Cabral



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