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Yellow may not be the first color that comes to mind when you decide to revamp your space, but it really is a classic for interiors. It is warm and sunny and gives a space an inviting, happy quality– which I think is great for a home. Who doesn’t like to be happy? One of the most famous yellow rooms is, without a doubt, Nancy Lancaster’s London drawing room, which she designed with John Fowler in the 1950’s. True, Nancy’s drawing room is a little over the top (and for her it totally works). But those of us who don’t have drawing rooms in our two bedroom apartments can make yellow work too! Yellow is a great design color and the inspiration for our newest filter: Yellow Lady.

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My favorite furniture choice for the Yellow Lady filter is a pastel yellow couch. I love that pastel is not too bright and that the tint is unexpected. My suggestion is to pair the couch with an elegant chandelier and a simple geometric rug to modernize the space. Another great design trick for the Yellow Lady filter is to hang several golden frames on the wall. I love a room with a lot of pictures that are very different, but tied together with golden  frames. This look is elegant, yet modern. I think that Nancy Lancaster would approve.
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