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My ideal Saturday morning involves sleeping in past nine o’clock, drinking strong coffee, and finding some amazing curated treasures at the flea market. While I’ve been to many, my favorite flea market I’ve had the privilege of visiting has to be the Hester Street Fair in New York. It started in 2010 and brings the community together to buy and sell their own unique treasures. 

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At a flea market, no two things are alike, which peaked my curiosity and inspired me to combine these pieces into their own unique aesthetic even more. Inspired by the diverse sights and items making up the Hester Street Fair, I bring you Hutch’s newest filter, Flea Market Finds.

One of my favorite Instagram accounts of late (and another source of inspiration for this filter) is @madlyvintage. Maddy Anderson’s well curated feed is filled with vintage photographs and one of a kind finds. Her Instagram is like scrolling back in time and features the most swoon-worthy vintage pieces. If you don’t have time to go to a flea-market over the weekend, @madlyvintage can give you all the inspiration you need and make you feel like Kate Hudson in Almost Famous. 

Courtesy of Madly Vintage

I love the look of a room that seems to say “every piece has its own story.” The culmination of these seemingly mismatched pieces blend together flawlessly to create a look that is unlike any other in its crisp disarray. Pairing a wood coffee table with a brass nightstand and multicolored patterned rug is certainly not the spread you’d see on display at IKEA. Flea Market Finds breaks the barriers of a standard room in that it combines aesthetics.  It gives each piece an opportunity to represent a different story, a different find, a unique side of your personality and taste.

Courtesy of Madly Vintage

Which Saturday morning find will adorn your new space?



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