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The Jane Ballroom. New York, New York.

There are little to no words worthy of describing this room’s decadent ambiance and lavish aesthetic. When I’m lacking words, however, I unload my overwhelming inspiration into a Hutch filter, wherein I can try to recreate places like this landmark to the best of my ability.

Jane Ballroom 1
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Introducing, Eclectic Speakeasy!

The Jane Hotel was originally constructed in the early 1900’s as a home for sailors and housed survivors of the sunken RMS Titanic. The Georgian style of the hotel is reflected in the brick exterior and octagonal tower, which is reminiscent of a lighthouse. Prior to becoming what it is today, the ballroom of the Jane was a renovated off-Broadway theater.
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Nowadays, the ballroom acts as the main bar for the entirety of the hotel. The Jane Ballroom is gargantuan in size and swimming in a lavish, old-world ambiance. The enormous windows are draped with ornate curtains leading down to the antique area rugs covering the floor. A large fireplace stands across from lavish wing-back chairs reminiscent of a throne fit for a queen. The dark yet soft lighting creates an exclusive, private feel that is nostalgic of the days of the speakeasy.

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I took all of the wonderful details of this historically rich and breathtaking American landmark and created an Eclectic Speakeasy aesthetic. Using fern greens and patterned decor, a Moroccan-inspired style crossed with the lavish ambiance of The Jane’s ballroom pepper these rooms. The golds of the side tables and wing-backed chairs are just like those you might sink into when visiting The Jane and grabbing yourself a delicious cocktail from the bar.
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So, have a vacation at home inspired by a chic national landmark with this Eclectic Speakeasy look.

Happy resting, guys.



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