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Ever since I first laid eyes on Andy Warhol’s Campbell’s Soup Can paintings, I’ve had quite the affinity for pop art because it transcends being just a “style,” it represents a movement. It took us away from classic art and created an aesthetic that was applicable to mass culture. Its ability to take the banal aspects of day to day life and turn them into eye-grabbing art is something I absolutely adore.

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So, of course, while I’m on the east coast, I have to stop by The Whitney Museum of American Art for their 78th annual Whitney Biennial. One very iconic piece housed at the Whitney is Calder: HyperMobility. Calder’s work is modern and abstract in style and bright in appearance. I love the mobility of his work and how—in the true spirit of the pop art movement—he turns an otherwise mundane movement into a breathtaking artistic display. Naturally, I wanted to do the same with our newest Hutch filter.

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I’ve taken the bright colors reminiscent of the pop art aesthetic seen in such classics as Eduardo Paolozzi’s Bunk! series and Roy Lichtenstein’s Drowning Girl and thrown them together with modern furniture pieces to create the ideal Neo Pop design. From bright colored rugs and modern metal furniture to pop art paintings of the lovely Marilyn adorning the walls, this Neo Pop look creates a rebellion against classic art with its aesthetic jazzing up any space.

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If you need me, I’ll be getting lost in the fluid movements of HyperMobility.




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