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I often find a lot of inspiration in books and magazines. One article that I found really riveting was the GQ Style piece on Brad Pitt where he opens up about the recent drastic changes he has made in his life. The article was quite incredible and the photographs by Ryan McGinley were absolute showstoppers. One of the locations for shooting be the lunar dunes of White Sands National Monument, which has inspired today’s filter.


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Courtesy of www.snsm155.com (top left), www.pinterest.com (top right), www.gq.com (bottom left, bottom right)

White Sands is all about using white as the backdrop with soft neutrals. The look should feel easy and comforting. A white and light brown cowhide rug is the perfect piece for this apartment. I like how by taking things away and finding the simplicity of something we often find what is really beautiful. Sometimes we just need to remove the clutter (both in our minds and our homes) to find peace. I hope that this filter will make your home feel as relaxed as when you are lying on a white sand beach with salt in your hair and the sun on your skin.


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Courtesy of www.gq.com (top left, bottom right) and www.pinterest.com (top right, bottom left)




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