July 4th

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Today is July 4th, and I think we are all in need of a little time off. I love this holiday! Good friends, good beer, summer salads, fireworks—the list can go on! A favorite place of mine to celebrate the 4th of July is The Hamptons. It is the perfect place to escape the city heat, and trust me, New York City in 95 degree weather isn’t pretty.

Courtesy of www.vb.almastba.com

This style is specifically inspired by the Hamptons. It is supposed to be fun, classic, and patriotic.The Hamptons define east-coast cool. This home should be laid-back but with a lot of patriotic pop. Think an all white couch,  but with American flag pillows. This home is where cooking with friends is made even more fun, summer cocktails are always flowing (can anyone say red, white, and blue Sangria?) , and we are always finding pieces of sand in the furniture from times spent at the beach.

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Courtesy of www.pinterest.com (left) and www.thesuitelifedesigns.com (right)

This is a fun house, a place where friends and family gather to smile and laugh. So, go ahead and crack open a cold beer and open up your second popsicle. After a day of BBQ and swimming, it’s nice to know you have an American Dream-house to return to.

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Courtesy of www.apartmenttherapy.com (left) and www.thesuitelifedesigns.com (right)



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