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One of my favorite things about living in Los Angeles is how easy it is to get out of Los Angeles. In under 4 hours you can find yourself in the mountains or the desert. For me, I prefer the desert; there is something magical about the surreal landscape. My favorite part of the desert is the sunset as the sky turns pale pink with streaks of orange and pastel blue. That’s why it’s called the golden hour because it really does feel like a golden moment in time: the quiet air and rose colored sky with the final relief from the heat. Our next filter, Desert Rose, will allow your home to capture this magical time.
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This whole design incorporates a lot of blush pink in the decor to honor the desert sky. A blush velvet bed frame is one of my favorite pieces because it is very unique and gives the bedroom a real sense of flare. The furniture in the bedroom should be light in color—light natural woods look great, and some faux white antler ears on a wall are a must! The desert has a lot of cacti, which is easy to bring into a home and gives the space an authentic desert feel. You can either get a big cacti plant to place in the corner of a room or couple smaller cacti with hanging succulents. The window treatments should be flowy to let the sun in: after all the inspiration is the sunset.

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I hope you find this filter as magical as I do and that you get a chance to take a road trip to the desert this summer. And hopefully all your desert dreams come true (a dream catcher above your bed is also a must).

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