Sapphire Petals

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With the help of the British Royal Family, the sapphire gemstone has become very popular. Catherine, The Duchess of Cambridge, brings elegance and refinement to approachable fashion—everything she wears sells out within a day. Unfortunately, her beautiful Sapphire engagement ring is not as easy to copy, so we thought we would bring her spirit and that of her ring to Hutch. When I think of Kate, I think of rich colors and flowers. She looked stunning in pink from head to toe in her most recent appearance.
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Enter sapphires and petals as our next design inspiration!

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This design is very elegant and feminine with two of my favorite colors. The bedroom for Sapphire Petals might include a navy blue velvet plush bed-frame. I recommend pairing this with some floral print sham pillows and crisp white sheets. This bed screams chic elegance. Blush tones go really well with sapphire blues. So, instead of opting for typical white curtains, why not go with a beautiful pair of sheer blush pink ones instead? The light pink will really make the sapphire tones in your room pop.

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I promise that the deep blue colors of this filter combined with the pretty pinks are sure to make anyone who sees your Sapphire Petal apartment pink in the cheeks.



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