Dark & Stormy

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There is a small bar on a romantic street in West Village called Bar and Books. On an autumn day, when the leaves are turning and the air is crisp, it’s the perfect place to duck inside as it gets dark. The interior of the bar is decorated with rich colors and feels very old school, like old Manhattan when being polite was cool and ghosting was not a thing. On the walls of the bar there are tons of books—hence the name. All of the waitresses wear matching pearl necklaces and the best drink there is a Dark ’n’ Stormy. Our next filter is inspired by both this bar and the drink. The bar has dark and sultry corners where you can get a little naughty if you want.  And the drink of choice is refreshing to wash down those sins. Welcome to our next Hutch filter, Dark and Stormy. Sinfully delicious, we might say.

Courtesy of scholarshiptipsaz.com

The decor for this filter is filled with a lot of dark woods and limited color. I love dark wood in a space because it is very elegant and adds a lot of richness to a room. To lighten up the space I would recommend using a color like forest green—perhaps a velvet couch! The artwork should be sexy but understated: a dimly lit photograph of a hotel lobby with two people getting a cocktail or the back of a naked woman. Furniture with gold accents add to the old school motif and elegance of the room, which should feel sensual and put together.

Courtesy of domain.com (left) and bellevue.nzz.ch (right)

Allow the Dark & Stormy filter to let your dark side come out—because we all know that is when the fun begins.

Courtesy of futuristarchitecture.com (left) and happymodern.ru (right)



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