June Gloom

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If you live in Southern California like me, you’re aware that our winter time lasts about six minutes. But all of us SoCal sweethearts know that there’s that one magical time of year where we get a mock winter (even if it doesn’t drop below 65°).  That’s right: June.

Courtesy of logratis.es

It’s known here as June Gloom. A fleeting time in LA where it’s overcast all day, everyday. Don’t get me wrong, I love the perpetual sun that we are lucky to get year round, but sometimes it’s nice to have a change. It allows me to break out that vintage leather jacket just one more time. 😉 Right on schedule, the gloom started over a week ago. So, of course, I’m inspired to break out a new Hutch filter that mirrors the small touch of coolness that breaks up our blue skies and sun.

Courtesy of igbox.com (left) and futuristarchitecture.com (right)

I adore the soft grays of this look coupled with the minimalistic white aesthetic. It’s such a crisp and bright look, toned down with this overlay gray tone. I love the versatility of it. I avoided heavy grey tones by balancing them with the black and white to add contrast, which diversifies the overall look and fits right into the aesthetic we’re seeking.

Courtesy of ingsy.net (left) and snowders.com (right)

So let’s enjoy these few weeks of June gloom with a soft grey aesthetic to match.




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