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Have you ever opened the front cover of an old leather-bound book, listened to the soft crackle of the binding, and taken a deep inhale as you flip through the pages? Have you ever done that over and over again with first editions of your favorite classics? If this is something that tickles your fancy, I can’t recommend a visit to the Rare Book Room at The Strand in NYC highly enough. Not only is it brimming with overwhelming amounts of historically acclaimed first editions, the design is breathtaking and has an air that beckons forth the academic with its dark woods and leathers.
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Since I live in LA, I can’t always make it to the rare book room. However, there is another magical place where I can feel like Belle in her giant library with also a classic cocktail in hand–so really, the best of two worlds. This place of wonder is The Library Bar located in downtown Los Angeles. I love the collegiate and classic aesthetic of this downtown watering hole, so I’ve done my best to replicate it in this week’s Hutch filter: “Smoky Library”. 

I’ve gone for dark chocolate leathers and woods to replicate the intimate booths in The Library Bar where one can enjoy cocktails with odes to the classics–a Hemingway Daiquiri or a Tequila Mockingbird. I love that you can read by candlelight and there are dark corners for lascivious conversations at The Library Bar (traditions I highly recommend bringing back to your own space).


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Every Monday night, The Library Bar has a night called ‘Trip Digital: Soul and Hip Hop” where the bar spins the best in rare soul, eclectic soul, funk and old school hip hop. This vibe screams old school cool, and it’s my hope that our newest filter will as well. For your home, unfortunately we cannot provide the vintage record player. I will, however, recommend getting a Sam Cooke record for those cozy nights in and a Dr. Dre album for those nights you when you paint the down red. And speaking of red, deep red wine colors in the rugs and curtains pair well with a Merlot and a first edition of Jack Kerouac’s, “On The Road”.

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This filter is like a stiff old fashion with a twist. You’re more than welcome to judge this Smoky Library look by its cover.

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