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The time has come for my husband, Alex, to start his residency in cardiothoracic surgery at Yale. This past weekend, we packed up our house in Philly (where he was finishing medical school at Penn) and headed for New Haven.
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What do a new city and school mean? A new apartment to design! The gothic architecture at Yale transported me back to another time. I was enthralled by the history mixed with the collegiate vibe and overall preppy aesthetic that embraces every nook and cranny of the city. The sprawling architecture and new-school-year energy inspired me to dive right into the design of his apartment and, of course, a new Hutch filter!

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I decided it was best to draw from the surroundings, which meant deep browns and dark leathers—similar to the furnishings spotted in the study spaces scattered throughout the campus. I coupled dark navy blues with masculine and muted tones—to complement the bright white snow that is set to arrive later this year—and chose antique accessories to keep up with the New England vibe.
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I personally love the versatility of this style. It’s masculine without being overbearing—it’s the type of home that I know both men and women would be happy to live in. I like to consider this filter to be classically collegiate with a twist of sophistication. A place that screams “an academic lives here,” while still feeling light and fun; it’s almost as if a sense of cool confidence is permeating the air.

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Not only am I brimming with pride over my husband’s accomplishments, but I am also chomping at the bit to finish decorating his new home at one of the most beautiful campuses in the world.



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