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The SoCal glamour of the Beverly Hills Hotel has attracted such famous guests as Dean Martin, Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly, Humphrey Bogart, and, most notably: yours truly. Okay, so I don’t have quite the clout of Miss Kelly and Miss Monroe, but I do enjoy taking a break from my daily hustle with a good visit to one of my favorite spots. The Beverly Hills Hotel is not only one of the most aesthetically inspiring hotels in the Los Angeles area, but also one of the most historically rich; it actually predates the city itself! In its 105th year of existence (it was founded in 1912), the hotel has a style that is both funky and sophisticated. Though the look is transitional, elegant, and somewhat reserved, it also screams whimsy. The sophisticated color scheme, paired with bold patterns and a unique use of textures, creates the perfect combination of grace and frivolity.

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The hotel, with its gorgeous aqua and white signage, surrounded by palm trees and hot pink bougainvillea, is undoubtedly worthy of a visit from John Wayne and Lauren Bacall; it’s even more worthy of its own Hutch filter. And so I bring you: Beverly Hills Hotel. With this look, hunter greens, bright reds, and soft whites combine with the less conservative aspects of the hotel’s design – plenty of bold, vertical stripes, chandeliers, and deep greens that bring in an Old Hollywood vibe; patterned accents and sleek furniture add a splash of modernity. Whether you’re on the other side of the country, or meandering down Sunset Blvd, let Beverly Hills Hotel turn your home into a five star oasis reminiscent of Hollywood starlets, crisp hotel linens, and a decadent SoCal vibe.

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Enjoy your stay!

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