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The most popular spot in Los Angeles right now is The Museum of Ice Cream. Yes, you aren’t just dreaming—a Museum for Ice Cream. It is so popular that all of the tickets are sold out. Everyone wants to scream for some ice cream! At the museum, they have a “Mint Chocolate Chip” room where they grow their own fresh mint to make the most delicious mint chocolate chip ice cream I have ever had. The room also happens to be visually amazing—mint green is such a fresh color. Most of the other rooms in the museum are a wonderful rose pink. My taste buds and eyes were on sensory overload.

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Courtesy of (left) and (right)

This design is full of espresso browns (coffee flavored ice cream), rose colored walls (strawberry ice cream) and a chair that is the perfect mint green. These colors together might not be an obvious pairing, but as you can see, they blend really well.

Courtesy of (left) and (right)

This filter is almost as delicious as ice cream. Almost.




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