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Is there anything more chic than a Parisian apartment with French doors that open to a view of the Eiffel tower? Or a ‘country cottage’ in Provence with fresh white and blush pink roses in the garden? The answer is simply no, there is not. The French are très chic—and in the most carefree of ways. As much as I would want to be a cool French girl, I know that this is just impossible. What do Catherine Denevue, Lea Seydoux, Brigitte Bardot, Marion Cotillard, and Anna Karina all have in common (besides being the ultimate girl crushes, of course)? One look from their sultry eyes and you’ll be shouting, “Oh là là!”

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Courtesy of huffingtonpost.com (left) and etsy.com (right)

Our next filter, Oh Là Là, is going to allow you to have your very own Shabby Chic French apartment—wherever you may live.  It might take more time to become as chic as the aforementioned French women, but we got your home covered to give you time to work on the rest.

Courtesy of chicagovintageweddings.com
Untitled design
Courtesy of lamano-invisible.net (left) and cukjatidesign.com (right)

Shabby Chic interiors are usually very lovely in appearance—furniture often looks distressed and antique with a lot of white and bright colors. Vintage fabrics are great for a Shabby Chic interior.  Our take is to add a bit more French flavor to the mix—so think a little more ornate. Maybe a fabulous chandelier will hang over your big white cloud couch from Restoration Hardware (which cost you more than your apartment rent but is SO worth it). It goes well with the dresser you got in a French flea market for 20 bucks (your girl-boss negotiating skills were in full force). It’s all about balance, right?

Courtesy of bestofinteriors.com

What I love most about this filter is the combination of sophistication and a nonchalant aesthetic. Because we all know that trying too hard is not cool.




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