Cinderella Blues

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Although I’ve lived in LA for almost two years now, I don’t think any stretch of time will desensitize me to all the beauty the Pacific has to offer. Cinderella Blues takes those varying ocean shades reflecting the California summer sky and pairs them with calming whites and sandy woods. I love the creams that are incorporated into this look. They’re a toned down take on the minimalist “white” aesthetic without the blinding effect.These soft beiges go flawlessly with the soft blues in a way that’s elegant and highlights classic shapes like the chesterfield sofa and tufted headboard.

Courtesy of (left) and (right)
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Whether you’re lucky enough to encounter beach blues on the daily, or you’re landlocked and hoping for an elegant aesthetic in the shades of the sea, I don’t doubt you’ll love this look. These are the only blues that have kept me happy.

Courtesy of (left) and (right)



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