National Rosé Day

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Did you know that Rosé is one of the oldest known types of wine dating back as far as 600 BC? I didn’t either until I searched Wikipedia for ‘facts on Rosé’. Anyways, today happens to be National Rosé Day and I thought I would be a bit more informed about my favorite summer beverage—AKA ‘Summer Water’.

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My grandparents live in the South of France on a vineyard. I spent my summers stealing the grapes growing to be made into Languedoc wine. I also began my taste for wine- specifically rosé as it was always summer when I was there- at an awkwardly young age. My parents would give me a dollop with water with dinner at the ripe age of 10. If you’re adulting, like me, and your time and wallet doesn’t allow for a jaunt  to the South of France this summer—we’re going to help bring the South of France to you. Our new Filter this week is launching on my new favorite Holiday: National Rosé Day.

This filter is a lovechild between Shabby Chic and Mid Century design with just the right amount of pink flare.  Today would be the perfect day to sip a glass of bubbly at one of my favorite pink restaurants in London—Sketch. The restaurant is filled with Pepto-bismol pink velvet couches and is a design inspiration for this new filter. They take the monochrome look to a whole other level. I would argue the new ‘millennial pink’ trend is the only color that can pull off overuse. (Ikea now has a sofa in this color that I’m drooling over!)


When I think design I always start with art inspiration. Agnes Martin was an American abstract painter and her work is minimalist with muted and pale colors (sort of like a glass of a dry Rosé).  She is famously known for horizontal lines painted on top of each other. A favorite of mine is called Praise, 1976: she uses pale pink as her color of choice. I love the idea of a white linen couch and marble coffee table against one of her paintings—and a glass (or bottle) of Rosé in hand.

National Rosé Day should be fun, feminine, and classy. And now your apartment can be too!



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