Masculine Marble

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There are a few things that really make me smile. One being a fresh white collared shirt. When you pair that with the perfect pair of jeans and your favorite patent leather sky-high heels, you become effortlessly chic.
For a man, there is nothing better than a well-tailored suit (no baggy dad suits allowed!) preferably with a skinny tie and a pocket square. Just the right amount of ‘cool.’
Since fashion heavily influences my filter choices, this one is a nod to the masters (Yves, Stella, Tom) who have defined classic. I am calling it ‘Masculine Marble.’ And just because we’re using the word masculine, doesn’t mean that it’s only for men. Right, Stella?


The concept behind Masculine Marble is minimalist meets edgy. Since I am very attracted to monochrome, that aesthetic plays a big part. The stark contrast between black and white is the definition of elegant. For MM, the lines are a bit harder—more defined. I love the idea of a marble slab coffee table in front of a dark grey couch (hello, Christian Grey).

Ezra Stoller, a very famous architectural photographer, is most likely featured in this home. One of his most famous shots is of a Frank Lloyd Wright building, and it’s the perfect piece to hang above a bright white couch—also, a great conversation starter!

This is the home for the high-powered perfectionist. The person who is up before the sun rises—drinking black coffee—with a copy of the Wall Street Journal in-hand. Their closet is color coordinated, which is pretty easy considering most of their wardrobe is also monochrome.

For this post, I’d like to make a shout-out to my ‘Masculine Marble’ mentor! The chairman of Hutch, Sean Rad. He also happens to be the founder of a little known app called Tinder (NBD). In the early stages of this company, we designed his penthouse in West LA à la ‘Masculine Marble.’ Keep scrolling down to see how that came together.


Cheers to the fashionistas out there who work as hard as they play. They might not be home often, but when they do make it back, their marble table is the perfect place to rest their nightcap (on top of an Hermès coaster, of course).



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