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As a girl who grew up in Miami —sun, sand and surf has always been a big part of my life. I knew that when I decided to leave for college in D.C. that I would most likely end up back in a sunny city, hence my decision to launch Hutch in LA. Fast forward to 2 years later, and I think it’s officially ok to call myself a “California Girl.”

The Pacific Ocean, in my opinion, has a bit more edge than the Atlantic. The waves are wilder, almost as if the ocean is letting you know it’s not going anywhere. And I can promise you that once you stand in front of the Pacific as the sun is setting, you’ll agree—there is no place quite like the California coast. 

The Pacific was my first inspiration for our ‘Malibu Luxe’ filter. The ocean is the perfect backdrop for the spectacular homes that I daydream about while driving down the PCH. To me, a woman who lives in a Malibu house possesses similar qualities to the ocean: she is fierce, she is feisty, she is not to be forgotten, and just like the tide—she’ll easily sweep you away.

The openness and negative space of a Malibu abode allows for the furniture to really pop—almost as if the two are symbiotic. There is a sense of consistency—one room flows perfectly into the next. Each splash of color (in this case blue!) as well as the special attention to texture softens the walls for a wholly inviting atmosphere.

It’s the perfect place to escape to after an early morning surf. And the ideal place for a glass of rosé just before the sun sets (thank god for floor to ceiling windows).

Cheers to long summer days and relaxing summer nights filled with the ocean breeze and thick white blankets to keep our toes warm (since it can get chilly out in the Bu!).

P.S. Malibu Barbie isn’t for me. I prefer Malibu surfer, dreamer, artist, explorer, reader, thinker, doer,–you get the gist).


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