Boho Goddess

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There is something about the lifestyle of a bohemian that has always felt close to my heart. Although the word is highly subjective, there are common known traits that resonate with me deeply— mostly due my own family’s habits, particularly my mother’s. As a child, I was a bit of an itinerant. My family moved from Geneva, to Miami and eventually to London before I could enter high school. Having to reacclimatize so often created a different sort of upbringing for me and my siblings, one that I would like to consider as ’bohemian.’ 

Our Sunday afternoons were spent at museums—art became our religion. My mother loved to discuss her favorite artists at length which gave us an opportunity to develop our own creative perspectives. If I am going to be honest, I did not have the appreciation for those forced outings at the time (giving up your Sunday as a teenager is brutal). But after leaving behind my adolescence (in each of those cities) I have come to realize that the best parts of life are usually the unexpected journeys. 

The spontaneity of this particular lifestyle is the inspiration for ‘Boho Goddess.” For this filter, the colors and patterns are mismatched and unapologetic, the art is eclectic, and each piece of furniture tells a different story. The only rule to creating a bohemian abode is that there are no rules (and no beige).

The key to bringing this aesthetic to life is patience, and being comfortable with the unpredictable: often times the best bohemian living rooms are the ones that are assembled over time—each piece of furniture has an individual backstory.

I wanted this design to feel a bit like my childhood— lively, full of adventure, and ultimately very memorable.

After all, as Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa said it right—to be young wild, and free. 

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